The Super skirt.

One of my new looks is this almost complete SuperTrash outfit from their spring/summer 2016 collection. It will be in stores in January. I’m so in love with the complete collection! One of my favorites is this asymmetric skirt, which will also be available in black leather. You can find this sleeveless top with a little turtle neck…

Colorful salad.

A new easy salad inspiration. It is actually a little variation on something that was already on the blog. So what do you need? – 1 carrot (cut them in long pieces, you can do this with a peeler) – 1 zucchini (cut them in long pieces, you can do this with a peeler) –…

Chickpeas snack.

I was searching for a healthy snack in my house and all I could find were Pringles and other salty crisps. So I found some chickpeas and I thought, well let’s try something new.

City Nomad.

I am totally in love with the Nomad styles of Supertrash! These items just got online and in stores! Check it out on I’m wearing these Nomad shorts. You can also go for the skirt or the dress and you’re able to combine it with their cropped top. The print and lace is romantic but…

Nut cookies.

Do you want to have a healthy snack? These cookies are exactly what you need! Find this nut cookie recipe on the blog!

Homemade granola.

This recipe is a healthy, fun and easy way to make your own fresh granola.

Yound, wild and free in LeeandMe.

My sweet loves, Have you heard about Leeandme? I guess if you’re from Belgium, you must have seen the famous gilet in all different colors. But besides the gilet, the shirts are great as well. I got this white one with paillettes on the back. Lee and me is a belgium brand that works with…

Healthy Chicory.

A healthy lunch inspiration that is good for the body and mind, and most important very quick to prepare!

Boho in Saint-Tropez.

Boho fashion inspiration in the streets of Saint-Tropez. My outfit is affordable and still has that touch of bohemian chic.

The gin basilicum cocktail.

This gin basilicum lemon cocktail is easy to prepare and tastes so good during spring/summer season. It gives a twist to the no so trendy gin and tonic cocktails. Enjoy this inspiration!

St Barth it-bag.

The St Barth bag is a must have item for this summer. It is trendy, comfy and young! Even celebs are a big fan of this new fashion item.

Fringe and marble.

The fringes are such a must in fashion for this summer. You won’t pass a shop without seeing fringes on every item. Even if you have basic look, you can pimp your outfit completely with these it shoes from March 23.